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Naoyuki Hirasawa
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I am FTD, work as a Creatice Coder, Visual Artist, Writer and BBOY.

some works

I makes various works while making use of my career as a break dancer and engineer. In recent years, I have been exploring for new visual expressions using programming and machine learning techniques.

Please see my portfolio for background, past works, SNS information, and other related URLs. If you don’t have time, I produced a REEL video for 2022, so please watch that. Music by えふ.


my recent photo with dog (in southern part of Japan)

Production process of “REEL 2022" intro

super handmade studio
good sign

Hands are photographed in various shapes and orientations.


ProjectedGAN learns hand images and generates morphing video. The source code is customized for the production of my works.

TouchDesigner is used for mask processing and edge detection. I thought the fingerprint graphics were cool.


This is a video that I made on an impulse but did not use. It was hard work to arrange the stones for several hours under the cold weather.

Arrange stones according to angle of view size
‘D’ was facing the other way


I am looking for production requests. Please feel free to contact me.



Naoyuki Hirasawa

FollowTheDarkside (FTD) - creative coder / visual artist / writer / bboy - Portfolio: https://followthedarkside.com